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Are you always busy? Do you wish you could clone yourself to get more done?

We free business owners from the overwhelming world of administrative tasks with the help of a virtual assistant so they can focus on big ideas, spend time with their loved ones, and grow their business.

Our hand-picked virtual assistants can help you with a wide range of tasks. 

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Phone Support

Our reps are English native speakers with great communication skills and bring years of contact center experience to the table.

Help Desk

With the latest technology, training & support at their disposal, your new team members will rock in every interaction with your clients.

Email Support

Real time support to manage and effectively handle all customer questions via email.

Social Media Moderation

Your new team members will support customers during their digital engagement with your brand.

Chat Support

Our agents are quick & follow your process, create interactive replies & solve problems.

Ticket Handling

Our workers are well versed with zendesk, freshesk & other ticket support software’s.

Our Remote Workers Are Among Top Talented Professionals

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Hire a Virtual Assistant with Us

As a business owner and executive, you have a ton of different details that you need to handle every day. It’s easy for some of those details to become lost. If you’ve been thinking about hiring an assistant to help you with your day-to-day duties, then you may benefit from hiring virtual assistants from Latin America today. At Castellum Pro, we vet and interview all of the potential virtual assistants in Latin America who want to work for executives like yourself. Here’s everything you need to know about hiring one of our virtual assistants.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

If you’re wondering what the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant are, then we can help shed some light. Hiring virtual employees from Latin America for small businesses comes with all the benefits that you would expect from a physical assistant. Yet, it is also cheaper.

Some key benefits are:

  • Savings on equipment and desk space
  • Flexibility with scheduling
  • Flexibility with payment
  • Free up time for yourself
  • Great way to find full-time employees

Our virtual assistant services in Maryland and throughout the country are a great way to find employees who may turn into full-time employees. When you hire a virtual employee or hire a virtual assistant, it’s a great way to test and see if they’re a great fit for your company. If not, then it’s easy to let them go and hire another virtual employee.

One of the best benefits of being able to hire a virtual employee is that you can hire them for a set time or a set task. Perhaps you only want a virtual assistant to handle your social networking. That may not require you to pay them a large income. If you were to hire a physical assistant, then you’d have to pay for that service, plus their equipment, insurance, desk space, and possibly their gas, too.

Choosing to hire virtual employees or a virtual assistant saves you money.

You can also expect all of the best benefits that come with a regular assistant. The virtual assistant will be able to take care of the small details. This frees you up to handle bigger picture items. With more time in your day, you can get more done and grow your business even more. Better yet, it can also give you time to spend with your family and friends.

Why You Should Rely on Us to Help You Hire Virtual Employee

Our virtual assistant services are second-to-none. At Castellum Pro, our virtual assistant services begin with a thorough interview of the potential assistant. We look for experience when it comes to our virtual assistant services and remote customer service reps. We understand how important it is for small businesses and large corporations to have experienced help right from the start.

Our virtual assistant services then proceed to ensure they’re able to speak and read the English language fluently. Nothing can be more frustrating than losing something in translation. We strive to ensure all of our assistants have either lived in the United States before or studied in the United States.

We also make sure that they’re able to work in the same time zone that you and your customers reside in. This allows them to give you the best service possible.

Hire a Virtual Assistant for Small Businesses Today

When you need affordable and high-quality virtual assistant services, then we’re the ones to utilize. We take the time to vet and interview all of our assistants for you. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Benefits of Hiring Your Team With Our Remote Staffing Agency

A Quick Overview of our Hiring Process

A 6 step application process to find rockstars only.


1- English Native Speakers

We strive to find professionals with advanced written and spoken English.


2- Background Checks

We conduct background checks for all applicants.


3- Top-notch Experience

We look for experience working with US companies. 



6- Success!

New Candidate for your Office Staff


5- Interviews

Final interview is conducted by our CEO and founder so every worker has our seal of quality.


4- Culture Fit

We match great people and growing companies that fit well together.

A Quick Overview of our Hiring Process

A 6 step application process to find rockstars only.


1- English Native Speakers:

We conduct tests to find professionals with advanced written, read, and spoken English.


2- Background Checks:

We conduct background checks for all applicants.


3- Top-notch Experience:

We look for experience working with US companies. We vet our candidates to find those who have studied and worked at the most reputable institutions.


4- Culture Fit:

We match great people and growing companies that fit well together.


5- Interviews:

The final interview is conducted by our CEO and founder so every worker has our seal of quality.


6- Success!

New Candidate for your Office Staff

Initial free consultation

Our process starts with understanding your business, culture and personnel needs, to ensure our recruitment strategy is aligned with your goals.

We match candidates

With your current and future needs: Our recruitment team will find the best candidates for your role.

You Interview them

You conduct Skype or phone interviews and choose the one you like.

Relax and enjoy

We Take Care of the Rest! We take care of HR tasks such as time-tracking & payroll.

Would you like to speak to one of our founders over the phone? Just submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly. 

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