Back in 2017, I was working a full time job and every evening I would put 3-4 hours of work on my new side hustle. There was a time when I started traveling for work more often. I knew it was the time to bring my first employee onboard. 

I was afraid and did not want to give my baby to a stranger. The daunting task started. Hundreds of CVs, interviews and more. It was chaos.

A lot of trial and error, 4 years later, these are the lessons I learned to hire and build a remote team with almost 100 members across 10+ countries.

List 3-4 characteristics that are essential for your new people to thrive in your organization. In my case, I needed someone who could work without me being present or following up. Be firm with this list. 

Use the “hell yeah” method. I only hire people who are a hell yeah, if you have any doubt about a person’s experience or else, do not move forward. Trust your instincts. 

Do not ask what if questions. Salespeople thrive with these questions because they are persuasive, but that is not going to allow you to really know them. Ask questions about past failures and how they handled those situations. 

Know exactly what motives each person. It’s not always about the money.People also want recognition and to feel part of something meaningful, so it is your job to identify what keeps them going. You can ask this directly in your interviews.

A bad hire is hard on everyone, letting go of a worker is one of the worst feelings ever, besides, your company and projects lose track, money, and time. These tips helped me a lot to build my business and I hope they can help you too.  

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