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Remote Sales Reps To Help Your Business Grow

We are experts in finding sales professionals to help expand your business.

We know that finding sales professionals to help expand your business is very difficult. That’s why we’ve made our service as simple, inexpensive, and efficient as possible. We know that finding sales professionals to help expand your business is very difficult. That’s why we’ve made our service as simple, inexpensive, and efficient as possible.

Achieve more with a reliable remote team based out of Latin America! We recruit experienced sales professionals that will go above and beyond. 

We are the perfect fit if you need:

  1. Telemarketers
  2. Inbound sales reps
  3. Outbound sales reps
  4. Sales Specialist
  5. Business Development Specialist 
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We Find The Best Remote Professionals


English Native Speakers

When You hire remote workers from us, you are hiring highly skilled individuals. Our vetting process ensures that each worker is not only fluent in speaking English but also in reading and typing it as well.

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Having someone with strong English skills as your sales support or customer services will provide your small business with the skills it needs. Your customers will be well taken care of and you no longer have to worry about the quality of service they are receiving.

Hiring Remote Workforce for Your Business That Makes Sense

You don’t want just any remote staff, you want that remote employee that is going to bring something to the table. Castellum Pro recruits remote workers unlike any other. As a remote recruitment agency, we carefully select highly trained workers from qualified remote staff. We believe customer service starts at the source, that’s why our remote workers are vetted to be well educated in the English language.

When you recruit remote workers from us, you can be sure that our remote employees have been tested and trained for English speaking, reading, and typing. It is our job to make sure when you hire remote workforce from us, that they can blend flawlessly within your business.

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Top-quality remote workers

As a remote staffing agency, we select workers based on their qualifications, making sure you get highly qualified workers to help your small business. We require them to have previous experiences, excellent English skills, and the ability to maintain a great attitude.

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We select workers based on these excellences so that our clients receive talented and hard-working individuals for their remote staff. We guarantee top performance workers for your small business.

Hiring Remote Workers Through Our Remote Staffing Agency

We pride our business on hiring the best remote employees. At Castellum Pro, we handpick remote workers who are experienced for the job. We make sure they are skilled in positions like sales support or phone answering services. Hiring such workers allows you to focus on other business needs and ensures their position is well managed. We want to give your small business an affordable way to expand; nearshore outsourcing can be the addition that your business needs.

Why Hire Remote Workers

Our remote recruitment company provides the best remote workers, and that means your customers will get the best experience. When you hire remote staff to be your customer answering system or sales support you can ensure they are getting great service. When a customer is pleased with the service they receive they are more likely to continue using your business. When you hire remote workforce, your customers can get the attention they need.

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No Turnover

When you hire your remote workers through Castellum Pro you are making a decision that promotes your business without the tedious recruitment and hiring process.

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Hiring remote workers from us is quick and easy, while also ensuring you are receiving efficient and motivated workers. When you hire remote workers through us, you are also saving money on turnover. Turnover is an expensive and time-consuming issue, if it were to ever happen with one of our workers, we would replace them for you at no extra cost.

We want to help your small business prosper, so we ensure you will always receive the best work from our remote workers.

Full-Time Remote Employees are Cost-Effective

Not only are you saving on any potential turnover costs, but overall employment costs as well. Recruiting remote workers through Castellum Pro will cut down on the costs of employment in regards to office space and employee benefits. There is no need for insurance for small businesses remote workers. Remote workers typically don't qualify for company insurance benefits. Instead, they have their own insurance policies. There is no need for remote workers to receive office supplies or a workspace. Because they are remote, they provide their own supplies and office. You will save money on the employment expenses while benefiting from their hard work.

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Total control

Hiring remote staff from our recruitment agency means you are in control. You don’t need to scroll through resumes to find the skills you are looking for. 

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You tell us what you need and we will find the remote worker for you. You can choose from our workers and place them where your small business needs them. You can manage the remote workers your way, once you hire them they are your staff.
We provide you with hard-working and skilled workers, and you get to save time and money through the hiring process.

Positions You Can Hire Full-Time Remote Staff

Our full-time remote employees are valuable and efficient. Here are some positions you can fill when you Hire full-time remote staff:

  • Hire virtual assistants
  • Hire answering staff
  • Hire sales support staff
  • Hire Customer Support Reps

When you choose our remote recruitment company to hire your remote staff you will receive hard-working individuals dedicated to your small business. You will have total control to manage your remote worker and direct them as you need. Castellum Pro is the remote workforce solution you need.

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Same US Time Zone as you and your customers

When we recruit remote employees, we make sure wherever they are located, that they are in the same time zones as the business they are working for. 

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This is an important part of our selection process. It is vital that they are working and awake at the same time as the business. This makes sure they are always available and working when they are expected to be and no miscommunication with the business owner or the customers they are assisting. Having your remote workers in the same timezone as your customers make sure your business is taken care of.

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Easy billing

Hiring remote workers through us means the payment process is simple. You will have a monthly charge that you can pay how you would like, and we take care of the rest.

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Your remote workers will be paid and you can focus on your other employees. We handle the payroll for our recruited staff to save business owners the extra hassle. Our services grant small business owners a simple and budget-friendly way to hire new employees, increase their productivity, and save time.

Here at Castellum Pro, small business owners and peace of mind are our top priorities.

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Hire Remote Sales Staff From the Best Today

Small businesses can benefit a great deal by hiring remote sales staff. Remote sales employees from Latin America offer the best customer care while saving you tons of money. Who you hire your remote sales worker from matters. At Castellum Pro, we do all of the work for you in finding suitable and high-quality Latin America remote sales employees. Here’s everything you need to know about how to hire remote sales staff through us.

The Benefits of Hiring Remote Sales Support for Small Businesses

If you’re still on the fence as to deciding if remote sales support is the right choice for you, then you may not know the benefits you can receive. Some of them include:

  • Cost-savings on office space and equipment

  • Flexible schedules

  • Flexible payment

  • High-quality customer service

remote sales worker
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Hiring remote sales support reps from Latin America can save your small businesses money. When you hire in-house support teams, you have to provide them the space they need to work. Not only does this mean buying them equipment, but it also means you need to rent out a space for them to work.

When you hire remote sales staff, there is money you save right from the start. Remote sales employees and remote sales support work at home or in their own rented spaces. That bill isn’t passed on to you. They also use their own equipment.

Another perk is that you can set their schedules. When you hire remote sales staff, you can hire them for a single project or long-term. This helps tailor how much you pay them. Being able to have such a flexible schedule and payment plan further helps keep your budget light.

Why Our Remote Sales Support Reps are High-Quality

When you hire remote sales staff from us, you can be sure that you’re getting the best remote sales support reps and remote sales employees around. This is because our remote sales worker has to pass through a series of interviews to join our listing. Not only do we look for a great experience, but we also ensure that they can speak and read English.

Another feature that we look for in our remote sales worker is the ability to work in your time zone. We know how important it is to have a remote sales worker who can answer your calls and respond to customers in real-time. No matter where you are, we’re sure to find an employee who can fit the personality of your business and offer high-quality work.

Contact Us Today to Find Your Perfect Remote Worker

The quality of your business depends on the quality of your workers. You can still find ways to save on the cost of having employees while still maintaining high-quality work and production. Simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to start working with you in finding the perfect employee for your small business.



We source, screen, and hire assistants so you don't have to. Since 2017, we've sourced and screened over 15,000 assistants. 

We go through hundreds of candidates to find you the best one!

A 6 step application process to find rockstars only.


1- English Native Speakers

We strive to find professionals with advanced written and spoken English.


2- Background Checks

We conduct background checks for all applicants.


3- Top-notch Experience

We look for experience working with US companies. 



6- Success!

New Candidate for your Office Staff


5- Interviews

Final interview is conducted by our CEO and founder so every worker has our seal of quality.


4- Culture Fit

We match great people and growing companies that fit well together.

We go through hundreds of candidates to find you the best one!

A 6 step application process to find rockstars only.


1- In-Depth Testing

We conduct different tests to find professionals with advanced written, read, and spoken English.


2- Background Checks:

We conduct background checks for all applicants.


3- Top-notch Experience:

We look for experience working with US companies. We vet our candidates to find those who have studied and worked at the most reputable institutions.


4- Culture Fit:

We match great people and growing companies that fit well together.


5- Interviews:

The final interview is conducted by our CEO and founder so every worker has our seal of quality.


6- Success!

New Candidate for your Office Staff

1. Initial free consultation

Our process starts with understanding your business, culture and personnel needs, to ensure our recruitment strategy is aligned with your goals.

2. We match candidates

With your current and future needs: Our recruitment team will find the best candidates for your role.

3. You Interview them

You conduct Skype or phone interviews and choose the one you like.

4. Relax and enjoy

We Take Care of the Rest! We take care of HR tasks such as time-tracking & payroll.

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We have over 6 years of experience. We’ve worked with some great companies already. We think you should join them in your quest for top talent.

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