Recruitment Service Agreement

This Agreement is concluded between

CASTELLUM PRO CORP., hereinafter (CASTELLUM PRO), andTHE CLIENT, duly constituted company, which requires theservices of recruitment of remote personnel. Both parties areduly represented, as detailed in ANNEX I.



CASTELLUM PRO states that it has the capacity, experience andrequired knowledge to provide the services covered by thisagreement, by virtue of the fact that its social object consists,among other activities, in selecting and recruiting personnel forthe occupation of any type of remote jobs.


  • In the event that the CLIENT does not comply with thepayment dates set out in ANNEX I, CASTELLUM PRO maycharge a penalty for late payment, which will be detailed inANNEX I, if applicable.
  • In the event that the CLIENT decides not to continue withthe vacancy, having CASTELLUM PRO, hired the staff for it,the CLIENT will pay the sum of FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS(USD $500.00 ), as a penalty.


The CLIENT undertakes to pay CASTELLUM PRO for theprovision of the services detailed above, the amount of moneydetailed in ANNEX I, which forms an integral part of thisagreement.


This agreement will be in force for the duration of theemployment relationship of the recruited personnel and theCLIENT.



The Contracting Parties are mutually obliged to keep confidential the information related to each of the parties, which they may obtain as a result of the execution of this agreement. Without the prior written consent of the other party, no data may be disclosed. This duty of confidentiality extends to all employees, CASTELLUM PRO and the CLIENT must be held accountable for their actions. The duty of confidentiality remains after the end of the agreement during the period of one (1) year.


Non - Competition

The essence of this agreement is the outsourcing of therecruitment service, through which CASTELLUM PRO investsresources, time and training, in order to provide the CLIENTwith high quality personnel, in all the services offered.Therefore, the CLIENT undertakes not to hire directly thecollaborator recruited by CASTELLUM PRO, as long as thecontractual relationship between the CLIENT andCASTELLUM PRO lasts.


Termination of the Agreement

The following are considered grounds for termination of this agreement:

  1. The termination of the relationship by the completeexecution of its object or by agreement of the parties;
  2. For breach of any of the terms of the agreement withoutrectification by the defaulting party.
  3. The declaration of the bankruptcy of either party.
  4. By mutual agreement. If the decision to terminate theagreement is made by the CLIENT, it shall be obliged topay the corresponding amounts of money to theindependent worker or professional.
  5. Regardless of the general termination clauses, the non-payment of any of the monthly instalments of this agreementwill entitle CASTELLUM PRO to sue for the termination of theagreement and claim for appropriate damages.


Through this agreement, CASTELLUM PRO is obliged toprovide the following services:

  • To select and hire personnel for the occupation of alltypes of remote jobs within the activity of the CLIENT,subject to the guidelines provided by the CLIENT.
  • To carry out all types of evaluations, interviews, studiesand research that are necessary to ensure that thepersonnel that is hired, meet the characteristics of theprofile that in each case the CLIENT indicates.
  • Instruct the personnel, prior to their hiring, regarding thepolicies of the CLIENT, or other knowledge or areas thatthe CLIENT indicates.

Protection of Personal Data

According to the law of March , that regulatesthe processing of Personal Data of Panama, by this meansthe parties declare that if for reasons of the provision ofservices, they come to have access to personal data ofclients or employees, undertake to handle them inaccordance with the guidelines of the aforementioned law.

Aplicable Law

The parties undertake to go to arbitration under Private law, inaccordance with the current legislation of the PanamaConciliation and Arbitration Center, to resolve all possibleconflicts that may arise between them. The parties expresslywaive the right to bring any action before a court or tribunal. Aplicable Law


All present or future expenses, taxes, contributions, andarbitrary rates arising from this agreement, if any, will bemet by the CLIENT.

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