Large companies have headway when it comes to hiring salespeople because they already have established systems. These companies have, over time, developed rigorous procedures that they use to vet new sales staff and can easily select the best from the bunch. They also have well-structured procedures that ensure new sales employees and those who work at their headquarters are up to speed with everything around. For small businesses, such systems barely exist. It’s the reason why many small businesses make mistakes while hiring sales employees. As a small business owner, you may be asking yourself if there’s a need to hire remote sales employees. There are various reasons why you should. Some of these reasons include

  • Save the cost of office space, equipment, and payroll
  • Access a wider talent pool
  • Flexible working schedules
  • Flexible payment

Moreover, remote workers are efficient.

Mistakes Small Businesses Make When Hiring Salespeople

Small businesses can choose to hire remote staff for different reasons, as mentioned above. Aside from that, the efficiency of remote workers is among the main reasons why they do so. Remote employees perform better, work for more hours, take fewer sick-leaves, and are better at collaboration. However, small businesses often make these mistakes when out on the hunt to hire sales staff.

Hire remote sales staff

1. Hiring Sales Stars with Inadequate Experience in the Specific Field

The common myth in the sales world says that a great salesperson can sell anything. This isn’t always true, and it’s the common mistakes that small businesses make while hiring. The so-called sales stars usually have mastered a specific selling type and won’t deliver much in a different environment when selling a different product. This is no better than hiring an individual with little experience. Small businesses are better off looking for salespeople that have learned the craft from the basics and can easily adapt to fit in a different situation to convert potential leads into sales instead of hunting for sales stars. 

2. Reassigning Other Positions to Sales

For various reasons, hiring salespeople from outside is often a challenge to small businesses. Some, thus, opt to reassign people in other positions to take over roles in sales. This is not a bad strategy in its entirety. To avoid mistakes while doing so, you should ensure that the person being reassigned to the sales department has the vigor for selling and should’ve ideally shown that they have the forte to do so.

3. Providing Inadequate Sales Training

Training is a must and should always be provided to new employees to show them how things work around them and what is expected of them in their roles. Small businesses may not offer adequate training to new salespeople like large companies. Once you hire a new salesperson, a small business owner should give them sufficient training about the company and how they will be working. It’s also important to teach them the ideal leads the company is looking after and how they can convert them into sales. Additionally, small businesses also need to give their new sales employees time to learn the craft of working with technology.

When it comes to hiring sales staff for your small business, think remote. Adding remote sales staff may be the affordable way to a successful sales team. If you are interested in hiring a remote sales staff or other remote employees for your small business, contact Castellum Pro today!