A key strategy for enhancing the growth of your business is to hire a virtual assistant. A competent virtual assistant will enable you to save time so you can concentrate on developing major ideas that will contribute to the success of your company.

However, you need to be able to correctly identify tasks that your virtual assistant can perform to maximize their productivity. Keep reading to learn how to pinpoint which work duties you can delegate to your virtual assistant.

3 Ways to Identify Tasks Your Virtual Assistant Can Handle

1. Find Out Your Virtual Assistant’s Administrative Skills

Before you start giving assignments to your virtual assistant, you need to discover their administrative abilities. Most virtual assistants are trained to perform basic office tasks. These include help desk support, file management, data entry, social media moderation, schedule handling, and more.

List down what skills your virtual assistant’s role will require. Use this list as a basis for your virtual assistant’s regular duties for your company.

2. Find Out Your Virtual Assistant’s Language Skills

Many virtual assistants are capable of providing basic customer service to clients. However, the type and level of customer service responsibilities that you can give your virtual assistant may be influenced by their language skills. It will also depend on the primary language of the clients they will be catering to.

You can let your virtual assistant handle phone support tasks if they are fluent in speaking English, and you can let your virtual assistant take care of email correspondence if they have good English writing skills.

If your virtual assistant and your clients share the same local language, you can probably assign both written and verbal customer service duties to them.

3. Find Out Your Virtual Assistant’s Personal Preferences

It’s a good idea to coordinate with your virtual assistant when you are planning their daily workload. Some virtual assistants are more comfortable doing certain assignments than others.

You should consider your virtual assistant’s personal preferences when you give them duties, especially if you have more than one virtual assistant. You can ask for their input when dividing administrative tasks among your virtual assistants so each one can handle the duties that play to their strengths.

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