Frequently Asked Questions


Do you conduct background checks on candidates?

We conduct background checks both in Latin America and the US.

How does the recruitment process go?
  • We strive to find professionals with advanced written and spoken English.
  • We conduct background checks for all applicants.
  • We look for experience working with US companies.
  • We match great people and growing companies that fit well together.
  • Final interview is conducted by our CEO and founder so every worker has our seal of quality.
How fast can you find a qualified candidate?

You can have access to a pre-vetted pool of great workers ready to join your team within the next 48 hours.

What if I’m not happy with the employee I hired?

If you are not happy with your employee we take responsibility and search for another agent for the same role, free of extra charge.

Do you provide training for the agents?

We assist you in the onboarding of the agent, making sure they are ready and meet all the requirements, but the training comes directly from the employer.

Castellum Pro

What on-going services do Castellum Pro provide for me?

We conduct background checks both in Latin America and the US.


How can I have assurances that no client information will be kept on paper or otherwise used?

All of our employees sign a NDA and a contract that makes them responsible to protect your data. We only hire referrals.


How am I billed?

You are billed the first day of work of your employee and then every 30 days. 

How can I make Payments?

You can make one monthly payment through a wire transfer to our account. It is a very simple process. Then we transfer those funds to our employees’ bank accounts. This process sounds redundant, but it will make sense once you have more employees. Besides that, this allows you to treat this as a cost instead of employee salary. 


How much is it going to cost me?

Each rate depends on the type of agent you are looking for, we assess your needs and determine the skill set the agent requires in order to be a good fit. The monthly total cost of our services include the labour costs, plus HR and payroll management. The monthly invoice our clients receive covers all of these costs.

How do you base your service fee? Is it per employee or based on total compensation?

A monthly fee  per active employee regardless of his/her compensation. We then charge a one-time U$500 fee, 3 months after the employee has been successfully working for you.

Do I pay for Holidays?

You will pay for US Holidays only.


What computer or communication equipment will the agent use?

Employees own their equipment. We usually provide a second monitor and special headphones. We have a checklist for new employees that includes an internet speed test (higher than 10mb) to avoid any technical issues.

How do I know my remote worker is actually working?

Our system is installed in their computers so we can monitor what they are doing every second. We have a team in Castellum Pro doing this full time so you can consider us your eyes and ears in Latin America


What if I have more questions?

Please reach out to us and we will be more than happy to answer any other questions. 



We source, screen, and hire assistants so you don't have to. Since 2017, we've sourced and screened over 15,000 assistants. 

1. Initial free consultation

Our process starts with understanding your business, culture and personnel needs, to ensure our recruitment strategy is aligned with your goals.

2. We match candidates

With your current and future needs: Our recruitment team will find the best candidates for your role.

3. You Interview them

You conduct Skype or phone interviews and choose the one you like.

4. Relax and enjoy

We Take Care of the Rest! We take care of HR tasks such as time-tracking & payroll.

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