Who are we?

We provide small business owners top remote talent so they can grow their businesses.

Our CEO founded Castellum Pro in 2017. He had a vision of providing business owners the help they need to successfully grow their companies while also providing job opportunities to talented people from Latin American countries. He knew that he could be the bridge for so many talented Latin American professionals. Helping them land stable jobs while also providing small business owners with top remote talent that was not only affordable, but reliable, seemed like a dream come true!

Not soon after Castellum Pro’s began, He, while completing his MBA program, met our Head of Finance. Since then, they have been helping dozens of successful business owners just like you!


Corporate Responsibility

Although we felt great following his vision in helping Latin American professionals; we still felt that something was missing. We wanted to give back even more to his community. In the year 2018, we launched a new initiative in order to provide education to deserving kids.

We are extremely proud to say that since the introduction of this initiative, we have provided numerous scholarships for more than 100 kids in Nicaragua. Being able to include our clients in this initiative has created such a rewarding opportunity with a lasting impact for all parties involved.


Our Values

We run on transparency, adaptability, communication, hard work, and reliability. Our values ensure that we are not only committed to connecting small business owners with affordable & reliable top remote talent but also passionate about giving back to our community and investing in educational resources for those in need.

We are confident in who we are, what we are, and how we can take your business to the next level.


Nice mission, right? In Castellum Pro we are proud to say that we provide a personal service – not a marketplace.

Our Team

Ruth Acevedo

Operations Manager


Sarelena Arguello

Sales & Marketing Manager


Javiera Castro

Recruiting Manager


Contact Us

Phone: (703) 646-8734
Email: info@castellumpro.com

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