In the age of COVID-19 and new and new variations more and more employers are starting to switch from traditional office employees to remote employees. A study by Stanford University stated some of the benefits of remote work include an increased sense of autonomy, higher productivity, and increased job satisfaction. I also want to introduce you to 3 not-so-obvious benefits of hiring remote employees. 

First, you can access a wider talent pool. When you need to hire employees from a set location, you limit your talent pool. In contrast, remote work lets you access the very best talent across the globe – especially when the flexibility remote working brings is becoming expected by employees.

You can also help to save the environment.Many businesses would like to find ways to make their operations “greener.” By allowing people to work from home, you take cars off the road, which could reduce your corporate carbon footprint. 

In addition, your business can benefit from diversifying perspectives. When you’re working with people from different parts of the country or the world, you will benefit from their diverse cultural backgrounds. This will provide your team with opportunities to find unique solutions to problems.

When you combine these benefits with the more obvious advantages, it’s easy to see why so many companies are building virtual teams and embracing remote work.